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Youth Speed Class

Experts agree that speed and agility drills can be part of a young athlete's training regardless of age.  The Youth Speed Class is targeted to athletes ages 6 - 12 years old to teach them proper form and the mechanics and functionality of drills at age appropriate intensity levels.  Understanding the physical and mental maturity levels of young athletes is crucial if they want to see improvement in their performance.  Our goal through this program is to ensure that your young athlete stays motivated and most importantly views participation in sports as a fun experience. 

Private/Individual Training

One on One Training - Please call for pricing

Designed for the athlete who is looking for an individualized experience.  This training caters to athletes who desire training one to two times a week, focusing on specific areas to strengthen and improve their technique. 

Small Group Training

Two to Four Athletes - Please call for pricing

For small group training we offer a comprehensive training experience.  It is designed for up to four athletes.  Through this program we help athletes use competition as a motivational factor and help them work through personal barriers to improve team performance.  Small group training is a minimum of twice a week, focusing on the athlete's particular sport. 

Elite Speed Training

Please call for pricing

Speed is an obvious asset for all sports. Great technique, agility and overall strength are necessary qualities for overall superior performance, however without speed an athlete cannot maximize those assets.  The Elite Speed Training assists the athlete in developing their individual speed to their maximum capacity.  We train and develop all athletes to improve their speed and overall athletic performance.

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